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ABEC3 maintains a good compatibility to ABEC2. Scripts of even older versions are compatible, but the project needs to be setup again.


The new version can be installed in parallel to the old version.


Many thanks to Jonathan Sheaffer who provided a Sketchup ® - modeler especially dedicated to room acoustics. This plug-in works only for ABEC1.

In ABEC3 you can now read Collada-files and other file-formats directly. For example in Sketchup export your room as a Collada-file (*.dae). In ABEC3 register this file with the project and use it for BEM or Direct Sound Analysis. See Examples.

Older Versions

We encourage to use the new version, which is ABEC3. However, if you feel you need to install the previous version, send us a short note, see contact.

The old versions will not be developed any longer.