ABEC3 - Known Issues

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Details on updates are reported in the Readme-file.

The list below hints on important known issues or bugs encountered in the current ABEC3 application version 3.5.3 b16.

2D Dim=2D + ElType=Exterior: level slightly too low at HF in the exterior domain.
NUC NUC (Non-Uniqueness Compensation) fails if boundaries are opposite and very close. In this case specify NUC=false at section Control_Solver.
Collada Mesh-File Collada Mesh-File are typically exported by Sketchup. The newest version exports PolyLists instead of Triangles, which may give different results.
Meshing Diaphragm Meshing=Bifu works only for circular shapes. Rectangular specified will turn out circular. Workaround: Use Meshing=Delaunay for non circular shapes.
Data Files In some cases automatic update mechanism fails. Workaround: Re-open Project.
Documentation Mostly done ... some "white spaces" in the LEM part ...
Tutorials In progress... Meanwhile, please work through the examples. Start with simple projects first (Point source in a box, for example). Seminars are available, too.
Scanner Tool Menu Options/Scanner provides a tool, which allows to modify vibration-files for section VibFile. Work still in progress..