ABEC3 - Known Issues

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Details on updates are reported in the Readme-file.

The list below hints on important known issues or bugs encountered in the current ABEC3 application version 3.6.0 b06.

GMSH version 4 The new mesh-file of version 4 cannot be read at the moment.
  1. Use GMSH version 3 (see GMSH-web-site at Downloads/All Versions-Binaries, GMSH3 saves mesh-file of version 2.2).
  2. Use GMSH version 4 and save mesh-file with the help of menu File/Export+File-Type=msh (eventually dialog opens where you can select mesh-file of version 2.2).
2D Dim=2D + ElType=Exterior: level slightly too low at HF in the exterior domain.
NUC NUC (Non-Uniqueness Compensation) fails if boundaries are opposite and very close. In this case specify NUC=false at section Control_Solver.
Collada Mesh-File Collada Mesh-File are typically exported by Sketchup. The newest version exports PolyLists instead of Triangles, which may give different results.
Meshing Diaphragm Meshing=Bifu works only for circular shapes. Rectangular specified will turn out circular. Workaround: Use Meshing=Delaunay for non circular shapes.
Tutorials In progress... Meanwhile, please work through the examples. Start with simple projects first (Point source in a box, for example). Seminars are available, too.
Scanner Tool Menu Options/Scanner provides a tool, which allows to modify vibration-files for section VibFile. Work still in progress..