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What is in the package?

License Agreement, Software, Documentation, USB-plug.

The download-page of the professional version is not public and its address is sent to you after purchasing.

The USB-plug is required at installation only. The USB-plug will be mailed to you. Important: please, provide a valid delivery address during the order-process.

Special Note: Upgrade to AKABAK

The new upgrade of ABEC is called AKABAK version 3. It is now in beta-test and will be available soon.

The special offer for this transition time is that any new purchase of an ABEC license would also include the upgrade. The new AKABAK will be of the same price as current ABEC-license.

Price per License

  VAT Free VAT 19% Incl
ABEC 3.5 1,750 € 2,082.50 €
VACS 2.1   238 €   283.22 €
  1,988 € 2,365.72 €

- Special price of VACS only if purchased together with ABEC.
- One USB-plug and letter delivery included.
- Support available, however not included.
- VAT free for any country outside EU, or with VAT-ID outside Germany (local tax may apply).
- November 2016, subject to change.

Order via Internet

After check-out, you will receive download instructions and a temporary Release Code for working immediately.

Some days later, you will receive a letter from R&D Team, which contains the USB-plug for generating your permanent Release Codes.

Purchase Single License...

Order via Purchase Order

Larger companies and organizations may prefer to buy the ABEC-License via Purchase Order. Please contact R&D Team.

Replacement of an USB-plug

If you have lost your USB-plug you can order a replacement. The cost of the replacement-key is: 30 € (35.70 € with VAT of 19%) per key. Delivery costs are not included.