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Dome with horn and reflector

File: Dome - Horn Reflector.axi

See also examples: Dome, Dome+Horn

This example adds a ring shaped reflector close to the dome of example Dome Horn. The two bars above the diaphragm in the sketch with SPL-field at 10kHz belong to a single reflector. The shape of the reflector is an annular disk.

Dome Horn Reflector - Field 10kHz

The reflector is also specified on page Baffle.

  Baffle front
    29mm    1mm
    35mm    3mm
    50mm    2mm

     6mm    7mm
    19mm   -1mm
    19mm    1mm
     6mm    1mm
     6mm   -1mm

There can be as many Reflectors as you like. Each Reflector starts with a line with the keyword "Reflector". The specification of Reflectors is a bit more involved than those for the baffle or the pole, because these items form free floating islands. Important to note is that a Reflector should have thickness and should form a closed body. The lines, which define the reflector-body should be ordered either clock- or anti-clock-wise. In the above example we start with a ring of 6mm diameter at 7mm above the base of the dome. Then we span the bottom-disk to a diameter of 19mm and a relative height of -1mm to the previous ring. The outer mantle is generated by the next entry. The top-disk is created by shrinking the diameter to 6mm again. Finally, we return to the starting point.

Dome Horn Reflector - SPL-Curves

The spectral analysis similar to the previous examples shows an increase of sound pressure at higher frequencies of approx 3dB relative to the horn-example and 6dB relative to the direct-radiating dome.