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Simple Dome

File: Dome.axi

See also examples: Dome+Horn, Dome+Horn+Reflector

Dome This file demonstrates the simulation of a simple 25mm dome embedded in an infinite baffle.

On page Diaphragm we set Rad type = Front side only inf baffle because we are only interested in the field in front of the speaker. Then we set Cone type = No cone and Dome type = Convex. The diameter of the dome itself is dd = 25mm and its height is hd = 5mm. The spider is typically the only suspension of a dome-tweeter and its width is set here to ws0 = 2mm. The magnet dimensions dM and hM could be specified but would not contribute to the model anyway, so both parameters are set to zero.

There are no entries on page Baffle because the dome is embedded flat into the infinite baffle, which is taken care of by default.

The motor page defines an in vacuum resonance frequency of fs = 1.2kHz and quality factors for the mechanical and electrical part of Qms = 3 and Qes = 3. The correspondent fundamental parameters are shown at the bottom of the motor-list.

The Solver page defines the simulation range, which is 500 ... 20kHz distributed linearly with 50 points. The spatial sampling is set to 30kHz, which means that AxiDriver creates a mesh so that each finite element is smaller than λ/6 at 30kHz.

FD-Plot SPL-Curves

Dome - Field 10kHz The Vacs page controls the observation of spectral curves via the graphing program Vacs. For example, if we check Pressure Contour, then we would generate a host of sound pressure frequency response curves, each at a different spatial angle but at the same distance. Such a plot is called frequency directivity plot. Alternatively the x-axis projections yield curves on-axis, at 30 deg and at 60 deg, for example.

In AxiDriver we also can generate field-plots, for example the one shown to the right at 10kHz.