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The AxiDriver Package

User License, Software, Documentation, Release Code.

The download-page of the standard version is not public and its address is sent to you after purchasing.

A user-name-based Release Code is supplied to you, which enables AxiDrivers saving functionality.

Price per License

  VAT Free 19% incl
AxiDriver 40 € 47.60 €

VAT free for any country outside EU, or with VAT-ID outside Germany.
September 2013, subject to change.

Order via Internet

After check-out, you and R&D Team will get immediate confirmation via email.

Further, you will receive download instructions and the Release Code.


Single License...

You would need VACS as well

AxiDriver renders spectra with the help of our graphing engine VACS or VacsViewer. In order to get the benefits of these features you would also need to install VACS or VacsViewer on your machine. The link between AxiDriver and VACS is fully automatic. VACS and VacsViewer perform in identical ways with respect to AxiDriver, only that VACS allows the saving of the curves into a project-file.

Please note, that the VACS User Licence is not included in the AxiDriver Package, however, the use of VacsViewer is free of charge.