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AxiDriver stands for Axis-Symmetric Acoustic Boundary Element Calculator Coupled to the Lumped Element Equivalent Circuit of an Electro-Dynamic-Loudspeaker-Driver :-) AxiDriver - Screenshot - Main

AxiDriver is based on the boundary element method for axis-symmetric problems involving sub-domain modeling. The loudspeaker driver is assumed to have a conventional electro-dynamic motor and a rigid diaphragm. AxiDriver simulates the acoustic field under the condition of one or two infinite baffles. It is possible to extend the boundaries to form a wave-guide and to place reflectors.

See feature-list and Examples.

Ordering AxiDriver

After you have had a good look at the demo you may want to go for the whole shebang - the standard version of AxiDriver. If you feel ready, please, proceed to the order pages...


AxiDriver-Demo is essentially the same application as AxiDriver but does not allow for saving project-files. AxiDriver-Demo is free of charge and readily available at the demo download page...

Version Log

The Readme.txt file shows the log of recent developments. The current version is 1.0.2 b11 of 24.10.2009.

Reporting Bugs and Wishes

For reporting suggestions, wishes and bugs, please follow here...