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Upcoming Papers Presentations (Aug 2019)

ICA 2019 Sep   Modeling of a Compression Driver using Lumped Elements

AES 147 Oct    Extracting the Fundamental Mode from Sound Pressure Measurements in an Acoustic Tube

AES 147 Oct    Product Development Track on Horn Simulation

AKABAK v 3.1.2 Beta (Mar 2019)

The next upgrade of ABEC is called AKABAK. A new ABEC-license includes the upgrade to AKABAK.

AKABAK is on display at the upcoming AES Convention in New York.

The beta-test of AKABAK has started. If you are interested in beta-testing, please let me know.

ABEC Release v 3.6.0 (Apr 2018)

Update of ABEC3, see ABEC3_Readme.rtf.

VACS Release v 2.1 (Dec 2016)

Upgrade of VACS, see VACS_Readme.rtf.

ABEC Release v 3.5.3 (Mar 2016)

Update of ABEC3, see ABEC3_Readme.rtf.

ABEC 3 Release (July 2013)

BEM+LEM in its third incarnation ... please welcome ABEC3.

Talk on ABEC + Horns

AES France + SFA Transducteur at 18 June 2013 in Paris, francetÚlÚvisions, see here at AES France.

New Paper on ABEC Available (Apr 2013)

Title: Coupled Lumped and Boundary Element Simulation for Electro-Acoustics.

International Master in Electroacoustics

New courses on electro-acoustics start in October 2012, annually.

Public Release of ABEC2 v0.9.1 b12 (Aug 2010)

ABEC2 combines Boundary and Lumped Element simulation techniques. This version is a significant step in development.

Akabak 2.1 License (Aug 2010)

Akabak 2.1 can be used free of charge.

Updates on VACS' Tech Doc (May 2010)

I updated the technical documentation on the COM-interface (which was really overdue .. still a bit thin but we will come there eventually...). Note that the example applications have been updated as well, see VACS Tech Doc

New Company Structure (April 2010)

NEXO and Joerg agreed on a long term cooperation for software development. This move concerns only the development service. R&D Team continues developing its range of products.

Update VACS Version 0.9.11 b5 (Nov 2009)

Added support for importing Audiomatica Clio 10 *.sin files into VACS.

Update AxiDriver Version 1.0.2 b11 (Nov 2009)

Fixed a bug in calculating reflector-normals in AxiDriver, which could yield wrong results under certain circumstances.

SketchAbec (July 2009)

Small room acoustic modeling made easier by the new Sketchup ® interface for ABEC. See how Jonathan Sheaffer did it!

Update Abakus Version 1.0.1 b18 (Jan 2009)

Bug fixes of complex-valued functions Abakus-page...

Update VACS Version 0.9.9 (Dec 2008)

Marker, Process Window, Splicing, ..., please have a look at the VACS-page...

Update ABEC version 0.7.7 b1 (Sept 2008)

All sub-windows have been merged into a single desktop-window, which provides a better task switching. The manual is brought up-to-date and includes the documentation on the recently implemented items such as Pressure_Points and Impedance. BTW: Thanks everybody for your valuable input!

Update VACS Version 0.9.8 (Aug 2008)

"Import here" and "Paste here", a detailed workout for rms-values and rms-dB-levels at import, display and export, automatic recognition of comma-decimal points, enhanced separation of multiple data-sets, new import drivers and more... Please, have a look at the VACS-page...

Update AxiDriver Version 1.0.2 (Aug 2008)

Added driving voltage specification, extended interface to VACS and fixed some bugs with sound pressure spectrum. Please, have a look at the AxiDriver-page...

New Web-Site Design (Mar 2008)

We refurbished the web-site of R&D Team in a way we hope it emphasizes the Software Development side of our activities, and gives a quick and easy way to access our software modules.

Update VACS Version 0.9.7 (Mar 2008)

Well, yes, it took some time from the last public release, which was version 0.9.5 (Apr 2007). Since then, we have implemented a range of new and updated features, which you will certainly find useful. Please, have a look at the VACS-page...

New Company Structure (Jan 2008)

Unfortunately (for us), Lampos is doing so well in his speaker development that he needs to concentrate more on his own business. Lampos and I founded VACS. He provided many good ideas and coded painstakingly the good old DatBin.dll, which reads many of the binary data-formats, such as MLSSA and so on. Good luck, Lampos, and please keep tuned to VACS!