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Online Course

R&D Team offers training for its software suite AKABAK & VACS via Internet by sharing video and computer-screens.
This tutorial session helps you to perform first steps operating AKABAK and VACS. You will quickly achieve a professional level and understand the concept of flexibility and practical relevance. The AKABAK tutorial basically follows the set of examples as provided by the installation. Additionally we can work on your own particular projects and data-sets. Please refer to the brochure AKABAK Web Training.

Study Electroacoustic at the Université du Maine

Audio engineering, science and the art of good sound feature master-classes about analysis and synthesis of electroacoustic devices and their environment. Here, you will study loudspeaker systems, drivers and microphones. These courses are state-of-the-art in theory and practice, giving your career a seamless jump-start in the wide field of industry of electroacoustics.

This international master-course takes place regularly at the University in Le Mans, France. The course is given in English throughout. Further details are given at