VACS - Example Files

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Import Example Data-Files

The following downloads offer a collection of data for testing the import-engine of VACS.

Device Extension Remarks Download Size (Bytes)
Text *.* Download1.2M
Arta *.pir
B&K 2012 *.dat (un-scaled) Download16k
B&K Pulse *.txt Text files Download550k
Clio *.mls, *.sin Download6.9M
Easera *.etm, *.efr Download6.9M
MatLab *.m text, m-files
MLSSA *.tim, *.frq Download5.1M
Monkey Forest *.spk Download4.3M
rePhase *.txt
Sound Check *.dat, *.wfm DAT2, DAT3, DAT6, WFM Download850k
UFF *.frf, *.uff, *.unv, *.ufa, *.ufb binary, text Download150k
VACS *.vips, *.txt binary, text
WAVE *.wav PCM 16bit, 24bit, 32bit Download4.1M
WinMLS *.wmb (un-scaled)
All files Download30M

Note, this table lists formats which the 32-version of VACS supports. This table reports on the differences between the 32-bit and 64-bit version.