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Importing a range of spectra into a Balloon-Plot

Assume we have a set of Monkey-Forest spectrum-files. There is one file per position about the sphere.


All 703 spk-files are within a single folder. In this case position coordinates are encoded in the filename. The first number is the phi and the second the theta-angle of the spherical coordinate system.


We call IO/Import Data-Files for Balloon where we first select the folder of the data-files.


The page Import Control of this dialog provides means to control the interpretation of data, especially to assign coordinates.

The Import Control accepts formula, with the help of which coordinates can be assigned and modified. For example "Param_Coord_x2={Filename#2}" means: Take the second number in the filename and assign it to the second component of the position, which is theta in the spherical coordinate system.


The last page Read Files allows to first check the interpretation of coordinates ... then press Import, which reads and interprets all data-files in a background-thread.


Eventually, the balloon-viewer displays the 3D-data in a variety of projections. At the bottom-left we have the balloon-plot. It displays the sound-pressure-level at the frequency, which is indicated by the vertical line in the Contour-Plot. The Balloon-Plot has a "Saturn-ring", which can be inclined. The Polar-plot trace is along this ring. The Cartesian-plot displays the spectrum at a certain position on this ring. It is also indicated by the horizontal line in the Contour-plot.