Boundary Element Subdomain Modeling for Electroacoustic

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The boundary element method (BEM) is a flexible tool for modeling interior and exterior acoustics. However one of the prerequisites for this mathematical procedure to work is that the domain forms a proper volume. For example a sheet or a narrow slit would pose a problem. This so-called thin shape break-down effect can be over-come. The technique described here divides the acoustical domain into subdomains. Each subdomain should then be suitable for the boundary element method. The subdomain technique proofs to be robust and efficient. This paper demonstrates the subdomain technique for modeling of a typical vented loudspeaker enclosure.

Panzer, Joerg: Boundary Element Subdomain Modeling for Electroacoustic; 149th AES Convention, New York, Oct 2020, Preprint 10433

The paper will be available at the Electronic Library of the AES or on request.