R&D Team

The following list presents papers as they were at the time of publication. Some were slightly edited, either because of copyright reasons or to make them easier to read. In each section the most recent is at the top of the list.

Radiation and Boundary Element Analysis

Experimental and theoretical investigation of an unusually shaped horn (new)

Boundary Element Subdomain Modeling for Electroacoustic

Coupled Lumped and Boundary Element Simulation for Electro-Acoustics

Radiation impedance of cones at high frequencies

Far-field radiation from a source in a flat rigid baffle of finite size

Data processing

Extracting the Fundamental Mode from Sound Pressure Measurements in an Acoustic Tube

Inverse distance weighting for extrapolating balloon-directivity-plots

A novel mapping with natural transition from linear to logarithmic scaling

The use of continuous phase for interpolation, smoothing and forming mean values of complex frequency response curves

An easy to use import-export data format specification for response type data

Determination of the quality factors of loudspeakers by a statistical method

Loudspeaker design

Derivation of the Quasi-Butterworth 5 alignments

Frequenzweichen fuer Lautsprecher

Die Konstruktion von Basslautsprechergehaeusen

Lumped Elements (AkAbak)

Modeling of a Compression Driver using Lumped Elements

Simulation of complex loudspeaker enclosures

Multiple driver modelling with a modern lumped element simulation program

AkAbak - An electroacoustic simulator


Modal network solver for the simulation of complex mechanoacoustical systems

Distributed-Mode Loudspeakers (DML) in small enclosures

Distributed-Mode Loudspeaker radiation simulation

Distributed Mode Loudspeaker simulation model