Coupled Lumped and Boundary Element Simulation for Electro-Acoustics

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This paper gives a technical report on a strategy to couple Lumped and Boundary Element Methods for acoustics. The solution makes use of the superposition-principle and the use of self and mutual radiation impedance components. By this, the coupling approach features the convenient property of a high degree of independence of both domains. For example, one can modify parameters and even, to some extent, change the structure of the lumped-element network without the necessity to resolve the boundary element system. This paper gives the mathematical derivation and a demonstration-example, which compares calculation results versus measurement. In this example electronics and mechanics of the three involved loudspeakers are modelled with the help of the lumped element method. Waveguide, enclosure and radiation is modelled with the boundary element method.

Panzer, Joerg: Coupled Lumped and Boundary Element Simulation for Electro-Acoustics; Acoustics 2012 in Nantes, France.

The paper is available as pdf from the HAL Open Archives.