Radiation impedance of cones at high frequencies

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The cavity of concave diaphragms causes a typical variation of the radiation impedance, which has an effect on the performance of the speaker system in the frequency range where the wavelength is comparable with the dimension of the diaphragm. This paper investigates the radiation impedance and its effects on the sound pressure response of the whole driver with the help of a circular symmetric boundary element method for the infinite baffle. The electrical and mechanical properties of the electro-dynamic driver are modeled with lumped elements. An approximation for the wide band radiation impedance of cone type diaphragms is given and compared to the exact results from the BEM.

Panzer, Joerg: Radiation impedance of cones at high frequencies; 112th AES Convention, Munich, May 2002, Preprint 5520

A copy can be downloaded here as pdf-file [540kB].

The original paper is available at the Electronic Library of the AES.