Frequenzweichen fuer Lautsprecher

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This book covers the fundamentals of cross-over design. After a short introduction to the electro-mechano-acoustical properties of the drivers, filter families are discussed, such as constant voltage, all-pass and constant power networks. The chapter "Synthesis" explains the network synthesis of passive and active filter networks. A new algorithm is introduced, which allows the synthesis of passive networks with lossless capacitors but dissipative coils. Finally the networking of multi-way cross-overs is discussed. The appendix gives a new method for determining Thiele/Small parameter by means of a statistical method (see translation).

Panzer, Joerg: Frequenzweichen fuer Lautsprecher; Franzis, Munich, 1987, ISDN 3-7723-2363-4 (German language)

In French, translated by Joseph Kreutz: "Le calcul des enceintes acoustiques"; Publitronic, 1990, ISDN 2-86661-38-5