Distributed-Mode Loudspeakers (DML) in Small Enclosures

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Distributed-mode loudspeakers are well known for their unique complex diffuse-dipolar radiation. In certain applications, however, the rear radiation may be a hindrance to the best performance of the system. The present paper investigates the unique behavior of DMLs in closed enclosures of small dimension, offering analytical solutions leading to the prediction of the far-field pressure as well as the impedance response of the system supported by various measurements.

Azima, Henry; Panzer, Joerg; Reynaga, David: Distributed-Mode Loudspeakers (DML) in Small Enclosures; 106th AES Convention, Munich 1999, Preprint 4987

A copy of the paper can be downloaded here as pdf-file [1.5MB]

The original paper will be available at the Electronic Library of the AES.