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This page offers additional technical information for VACS.

Format Specification for Data Import and Export

The Import Control Settings are a powerful and easy way to exchange data with VACS. If you are going to write an export routine following series might be helpful:

VACS - Import Control Settings - Part 1.pdf [250kB, Feb 07, 2009] explains essentials of automatic import.

VACS - Import Control Settings - Part 2.pdf [140kB, Feb 07, 2009] explains the parameterization of data-sets.

VACS - Import Control Settings - Part 3.pdf [260kB, Apr 06, 2009] explains the binary version.

Note, the complete documentation of Import Settings can be found in the help system of VACS.

Binary Import Examples

For demonstration of using the binary format (part 3), we provide two example applications with code written in Delphi-Pascal. These applications demonstrate the generation of data-files which eventually can be imported into VACS or transported directly via the COM-interface. Download [260kB, May 31, 2010] and [260kB, May 31, 2010]

VACS as server

It is straightforward to send data to VACS. These data are formatted according to the above mentioned VACS Import Settings and then packed and sent using the COM-Interface techniques. VACS COM-Interface.pdf [280kB, May 31, 2010] explains the application with examples given in Delphi-Pascal and Excel-VB.

Use the Delphi-Pascal examples above to see the COM interface features working.

A simple example using MS Visual Basic Excel-Scripting can be found here DrivingVacs.xls


You may be interested in the type-library of AutoVacs which is explained here VACS.tlb

This document explains the manual COM-registration of VACS: VACS COM-Interface Installation.pdf Note, normally not necessary because the registration should be done by the installer.

Documentation of Processings

Paper describing the resampling technique used by VACS: VACS-Fourier-Sampling.pdf [241kB, Sep 29, 2006].

Paper describing the Fourier-processings inside VACS: VACS-Fourier-Transformations.pdf [310kB, Sep 29, 2006].