AKABAK - Known Issues

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AKABAK version 3.1.9 got an update of its Tag Picking Tool. This tool is used for specification of planes of mesh-files. The new schema is compatible with previously saved mesh-files projects. The new way of tag-filtering should be more flexible with handling updates of associated CAD-files. Also, it is hoped that the user finds the new GUI easier to operate. Please have a look to Help/Appendix/Mesh-Files.

AKABAK is an upgrade to ABEC, a similar software in features. However, its input system was by means of scripts. Old projects can be imported.

Legacy Akabak 2.1 is an older predecessor. Here also, input was with the help of a script. There is still a high degree of compatibility. However, the new AKABAK features an improved radiation model and a comfortable graphical user interface.


The list below hints on important known issues or bugs encountered in the current AKABAK application. Details and versions are reported in the Readme-file.

VibFile Fixed in version 3.1.7 b91. There was a problem in builds b84 to b90 which yield wrong surface vibration and, hence, wrong radiation.
GMSH version 4 The new mesh-file of version 4 cannot be read at the moment. Work-arounds:
  1. Use GMSH version 3 (see GMSH-web-site at Downloads/All Versions-Binaries, GMSH3 saves mesh-file of version 2.2).
  2. Use GMSH version 4 and save mesh-file with the help of menu File/Export+File-Type=msh (eventually dialog opens where you can select mesh-file of version 2.2).
NUC NUC (Non-Uniqueness Compensation) fails if boundaries are opposite and very close. In this case switch off NUC at menu Global/BEM Parameters.
Collada Mesh-File Collada Mesh-File are typically exported by Sketchup. The newest version exports PolyLists instead of Triangles, which may give different results.
GUI Component forms are not yet synchronized. That means if you edit parameters of a component then it is best to close the other forms if there is a relation.