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AKABAK combines the Boundary Element and the Lumped Element Methods.
Complicated acoustics is calculated with the help of the BEM.
Simple acoustics, structures and electronics are handled by the LEM.

AKABAK-ScreenShot.jpg AKABAK-ScreenShot.jpg

Download Free Version

AKABAK Free is identical to the professional version, but saving result-files. This version is ideal to get in touch with FE and to check whether AKABAK is the right tool for you.

Professional Version

By the saving of the solver-result-files this version ensures efficient and swift working in the professional environment. Once solved you can commence with observations directly.

Get a license via our ordering-system.

Student Version

For non-commercially use we offer a special Student License.


Serious known issues of the current version are reported here...

For suggestions, wishes and bugs, please follow here...

The user documentation comes as a help-file system, which is part of the installation. If you like to have a look before installation, here you can download the help-file.