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AkAbak is a simulation program for electro-mechano-acoustical networks. The simulation is carried out on the basis of lumped elements and one-dimensional waveguide components. Akabak is especially intended for the investigation and design of loudspeaker systems. AkAbak simulates a complete system: from the voltage source through to any listening point - including all filters, networks, radiation elements and the nearby radiation environment [more features...].

New Developments

As a friend of Akabak you may find ABEC interesting, which combines Boundary and Lumped Element techniques. The lumped element script of ABEC is almost 100% Akabak compatible. In ABEC the Radiator is replaced by the new component RadImp, which provides the gate-way to the Boundary Element Part. This paper explains the coupling in detail.


See page Courses, which provides a compilation of courses for students who are interested in studying electroacoustics.

Downloading AkAbak

Akabak is readily available at the download page.

Please note

AkAbak is getting on in years. From the the first version more than 17 years have passed. The current AkAbak has the version-number 2.1 and is a 16bit compilation, which needs a special environment to run. The application makes use of filenames, which are formatted in the old "8.3"-DOS format.

Akabak is only tested up to MS-Windows 2000. However, it seems to run fine even on XP and Win7 (32bit).

Akabak does not run on 64bit Windows systems. The only workaround is to install the 32bit emulator, which comes with your Windows system.

Akabak seems to run fine under Linux with the help of Wine.